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Skyline Security offers unique expertise and delivers the information you need to make informed decisions, whether in times of crisis or in the course of simply running your business.  We provide a comprehensive range of premium security and business intelligence solutions to leading corporate, institutional, and private clients.


Skyline Security’s Principals include present and former Law Enforcement, and Attorneys.

Together, the Principals have over 50 years experience in Law Enforcement and the Law, which includes the Organized Crime Bureau, Detective Bureau, District Attorney’s Offices and Technical Units as Investigators and Supervisors; the Finance, Securities and Banking industries.


Our Investigations, Financial and Intelligence Services Divisions are composed of professionals with a broad range of expertise.  We work with former criminal prosecutors, forensic accountants, intelligence analysts, computer forensics professionals, corporate governance specialists, business journalists, litigation consultants, and regulatory experts.


Our capabilities include state-of-the-art security consulting; executive protection; investigations; technical security systems and countermeasures; and security officer services.  We specialize in litigation and pre-litigation intelligence and investigations; white collar and government enforcement investigations; securities and other class-action investigations; internal corporate investigations; witness location and interview; surveillance; undercover operations; due diligence and background checks; forensic accounting; and computer forensics.  In addition to detecting and deterring fraud, we are dedicated to leveraging new technologies and the specialized knowledge of our team to help businesses; resolve critical issues; and stay competitive.

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